Motorists are fuming due to the poor maintenance of roads in North West

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Motorists in the North West are fuming due to the poor maintenance of roads. This is despite R112 million being made available by government to fix roads in the province. The road users are frustrated about the state of the roads.

“I feel bad because we always use this road every day so it costs us our tyres. We just repair our cars time and a two,” a motorist says.

“I am not happy with this road. We do not know what is happening, when will they fix it. When it rains it becomes even worse, going to Joburg, Rustenburg even Taung, it is a problem,” another motorist explains.

Meanwhile, the North West Department of Public Works says there are several reasons why the province struggles with routine road maintenance.

“We are indeed behind schedule and currently not doing very well in meeting our set target to close certain number of potholes that have developed in our provincial roads. The weather has not been friendly lately so it is impossible to adequately patch or fix potholes on the road surface when the base is actually wet. It is a serious challenge but we plan to intensify the pothole patch problem once the weather condition permits, there is also a plan to employ contractors to supplement our own internal road maintenance,” says Mfolo Matsube, spokesperson of the North West Department of Public Works.