Motor vehicle parts make positive impact on August manufacturing numbers

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Motor vehicle parts, accessories and other transport equipment made the biggest positive impact on August manufacturing numbers.

According to Stats SA, manufacturing production increased by 1.4% in August 2022 compared with August 2021.

However, the manufacturing production of food and beverages declined during the same period.

Seasonally adjusted manufacturing production decreased by 2.9% in the three months ended August 2022 compared with the previous three months.

Six of the ten manufacturing divisions reported negative growth rates over this period.

Meanwhile, in September, Stats SA reported that the total employment decreased by 119 000 quarter-on-quarter, from 10 067 000 in March 2022 to 9 948 000 in June 2022.

According to Stats SA, this was largely due to decreases in the following industries:

  • Community services (-100 000)
  • Business services (-15 000)
  • Construction (-13 000)
  • Manufacturing (-12 000) 
  • Electricity (-1 000)

However total gross earnings paid to employees increased by R0,5 billion or 0,1% from R786,8 billion in March 2022 to R787,3 billion in June 2022. This was largely due to increases in the following industries:

  • Transport (R3,3 billion or 9,4%)
  • Community services (R2,7 billion or 1,0%)
  • Trade (R1,7 billion or 1,5%),
  • Construction (R1,7 billion or 5,2%)
  • Mining (R0,7 billion or 1,6%).

September Stats SA employment figures: Matlapane Masupye