Mother of Vorentoe High School learner wants justice

18-year old learner of Vorentoe High School Nicole Mnguni.
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The mother of an 18-year old learner of Vorentoe High School in Johannesburg, who committed suicide after alleged abuse by her Mathematics teacher, is demanding justice.

Nicole Mnguni died on Tuesday after returning from the school to ask for her report.

Her mother says it’s her worst nightmare having lost her daughter. She says her daughter took her own life after emotional and psychological abuse by a teacher.

“I could see that my child’s self-esteem is finished it was dead. Nicole is so bubbly but her self-esteem, that woman killed it. So she couldn’t take it. This teacher asked, are you Nicole’s mother? I said yes… She said your child, I was even shouting at her, she’s not doing well in Maths. I don’t know why she doesn’t drop it, and she’s not going to be anybody in life.”

A note left by the girl details the alleged abuse by the teacher. She also states that she wants peace and to be with her late father.

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