Mother, children buried after tragic poisoning in Port St Johns

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The eleven-year-old girl who survived an incident in which her mother poisoned her and her siblings has attended their funeral at Jabavu locality in Port St Johns in the Eastern Cape.

The children’s mother took them to a nearby forest and poisoned them before taking her own life.

The director of Khula Community Development Project, Petros Majola, says they need to establish the root cause of such incidents:

“When we arrived at the hospital this morning, she was still in the hands of the social worker. She was laughing. I saw her last week, so when she saw me, she knew I was here to support her. So we came in here; she was smiling even when we got into the tent. But the moment these bodies were carried into the tent, then she broke down. There is something underlying—those underlying circumstances we need to dig down.”

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