A mother of newly born twins has been arrested in Kariega in the Eastern Cape after she allegedly tried to sell the five-day-old baby girls.

She and two other suspects will appear in court on Monday on charges relating to human trafficking.

The arrests were made during a joint operation after police received information that the woman planned to sell the twins.

Hawks Spokesperson, Yolisa Mgolodela, says they found the babies with the prospective buyer at a house in Kariega.

“The twins were admitted in hospital for medical attention as they were dehydrated and severely malnourished. They will be taken to a place of safety upon discharge. It is alleged that the prospective buyer was expected to pay R50 per day to the mother of the twins in order to satisfy her drug addiction. It is further reported that the alleged buyer was going to apply for a children’s grant and give a portion to the mother of the twins on a monthly basis.”