Mosque attack raises safety concerns

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The neighbours of the mosque that was attacked on Thursday have expressed shock at the incident. They say they do not feel safe anymore.

It’s alleged that three Egyptian Nationals attacked people with knives and set fire to the mosque on Old Main Road in Ottawa, north of Durban.

One person died and two others are fighting for their lives.

The attack has been condemned in the strongest terms. The mosque has since suspended its activities.

A community member says these days, the Ottawa community has to sleep with one eye open because no one feels safe.

“Its like we all just have to look over our shoulders and keep an eye out for everything. The area is not safe. Something so big happening here, everyday is getting worse. It’s very sad. It’s a close- knit community, everybody knows everyone here. Everyone gets on very well.”

“The owner of the Mosque, Seedat is closely linked with all of us here. He helps the community, he feeds the poor, he does a lot. I’m really devastated to hear that something like this has happened here in Ottawa because this is such a close-knit community.”

Meanwhile, police vehicles remain stationed outside the mosque and they are investigating two counts of attempted murder, murder and arson.