Mosia tells court he didn’t consider those who were in the house as possible suspects

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The first investigative officer on the Senzo Meyiwa murder scene, Warrant Officer Thabo Mosia, did not consider the people who were in the house as suspects and as a result, did not conduct any investigation on them to eliminate them.  

On Friday, Mosia told the court he regarded the people who were in the house as victims and saw no reason to investigate them. 

Over and above not having done gunshot residue tests on the people who were involved in the scuffle with the alleged intruders when a shot went off, Mosia has this morning told the court that he did not take any swabs on the kitchen door and the room into which Tumelo Madlala had run into.  

“I follow the movements of the suspects. I would ask the people how far the suspects went, and I would do swabbing based on that,” says Mosia. 

Mosia, who has today told the court that he does not attend a crime scene as a forensic officer but as a crime scene attendant, was asked to explain his role on the crime scene. 

“It is to document the crime scene in the form of pictures and to search for exhibits, package the exhibits and transport them to where it is supposed to be taken as well as to give evidence in court,” says Mosia. 

Despite a bevy of police at the crime scene of former Pirates goalkeeper Senzo Meyiwa’s murder, a bullet projectile that was taken in as one of the key exhibits was only discovered the following morning.

Warrant Officer Thabo Mosia, the first investigative officer to attend the scene, says between 00h20 and 02h40 that he was at the scene just a few hours after the shooting he did not see any projectile on the kitchen counter despite having looked all over.   

A constable at the time, Mosia says after getting more information about what had transpired, he called his senior Captain Mathebula to activate the task team to bring the relevant equipment to process the scene.  

However, it was only with their naked eyes they discovered the projectile he couldn’t detect in the early morning hours on his first visit to the scene. 

Sergeant Patrick Mthethwa and Sergeant Timothy Mathebula, who were the first respondents to arrive on the scene, have also told the court that they did not locate any projectile in the kitchen.  

Court was adjourned earlier, in the absence of Advocate Zandile Mshololo, who will cross-examine the witness when the trial continues on Monday.