More than half of the South African population still live in poverty, according to a 2017 survey by Statistics South Africa.

In the Madipelesa village near Hartswater in the North West, the majority of its residents live below the poverty line.

The local tribal authority says the area has been forgotten by government and says this community has been neglected. A majority of people here live in structures that are near collapse and most parents don’t even have a formal education.

Deputy Chief of the Local Tribal Authority, Albert Seleka says, “The problem here is we have a lot of people who are pensioners. Their houses are not the type of shelter you would wish for at all. All we need is help for our people. I even tried to involve the government, but even now it’s quiet.”

SABC News spent some time with some of these families who are battling to make ends meet, with the little that they have.

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