The Auditor-General has found that more than 30 000 people who are not eligible to receive the R350 special unemployment grant were paid by the South African Social Security Agency, SASSA. This emerged in an audit report on COVID-19 relief funds compiled by the office of the Auditor-General.

The audit also uncovered a lack of coordination among government departments and the use of companies without valid tax clearance certificates to supply PPEs.

Auditor-General Kimi Makwetu says their audit also found gaps in the SASSA system.

“Our data analytics identified around 30 000 beneficiaries require further investigation. Among them included people employed by government and recipients of UIF and other social grants and government pension were we believe that it was not intended for people like those.”

The Auditor-General says there were many fraudulent transactions in the COVID-19 relief fund: 

Change of grant payment method 

SASSA announced on Tuesday that it has given beneficiaries of the COVID-19 relief fund six days to change from receiving their grants at the Post Office to their bank accounts. This in an effort to address challenges some beneficiaries have experienced in trying to access their special relief grant from the Post Offices.

SASSA spokesperson Sandy Godlwana said the beneficiaries must ensure that the bank accounts they provide to the agency belong to them.

“Make sure that that the banking details and cell phone number you provide are registered in your name as SASSA cannot deposit money into another account. And the bank account must be left opened as payment is delayed if paid into closed accounts. Those who do not update their details during the window period, or provide incorrect banking details will have their payments for the remaining months sent to the Post Office. Approved beneficiaries can visit our website which is for more information.”

R350 grant beneficiaries encouraged to use bank accounts: