More than 200 people arrested over the weekend for drunk driving

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Over 100 suspected drunk drivers have been arrested in Gauteng alone over the weekend with the highest breathalyser reading more than 10 times the legal limit.

Gauteng Traffic Police Spokesperson Obed Sibasa has warned that they will not tolerate lawlessness.

“More than 100 ‘drunkies’ were arrested. The highest breath of alcohol recorded was more than 10 times above the limit. That is definitely irresponsible. We are continuing with our operations. Driving under the influence; driving at a crazy speed; and reckless and negligence driving; we are on high alert monitoring all roads. We will deal with law breakers.”

A total of 59 motorists have been arrested for alleged drunken driving in Limpopo on Saturday.

Motorcyclist doing 212 km/h 

A motorcyclist, who has been arrested in Pretoria for doing 212km/h in a 120km/h zone, will appear in court on next week. He was arrested on the R21 highway.

Sibasa says this brings the total number of people arrested for speeding today in the province to 11.

“We arrested more than 10 speedsters today only. The highest speed recorded was 212km/h on a 120 zone. A biker in Tshwane on the R21 was arrested immediately. All will appear on different Magistrate’s Courts on Tuesday.”

More arrests in the provinces

Traffic authorities say the majority of the drivers were arrested in Polokwane and other parts of the province, including Giyani. Thirty other motorists were arrested on similar charges on Friday.

Traffic Spokesperson, Joel Seabi, says an additional number of people were also arrested.

“Overnight, 59 people arrested for drunk driving, only in one night. Traffic officers continue to heed the call of the MEC. They are arresting without fear and favour.”

More than 70 people have been arrested for various traffic-related offences on Western Cape roads since the start of the weekend.

Provincial Traffic Chief, Kenny Africa, says more than half of them were drunk drivers.

Africa says they arrested several other people across the province.

“We also arrested seven people for bribery and corruption. Five drunk pedestrians were also arrested. We arrested four illegal immigrants in Laingsburg. Three drivers were arrested for being in possession of false documentation. Eight reckless and negligent drivers were arrested. One person was arrested for driving an un-roadworthy vehicle. Three people were arrested in Worcester for assault.”