More than 20 000 immigrants cross from South Africa into Zimbabwe at the Beitbridge Border Post

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Border Management Authority says more than 20 000 immigrants have crossed from South Africa into Zimbabwe at the Beitbridge Border Post in Musina, Limpopo, in the last 24 hours.

The port of entry in Musina is one of the busiest in processing travellers since the festive season started.

BMA senior officials were monitoring the implementation of border law enforcement festive at the port of entry.

As usual during the festive season, immigrants from various countries, mainly Zimbabwean nationals, cross in numbers at the busiest port of entry, Beitbridge border post in Musina.

Unlike in the past years, they are not spending nights on the queue before being processed.

More than 20 000 immigrants have been processed travelling towards Zimbabwe between Friday and Saturday afternoon.

BMA commissioner Dr Mike Masiapato says the Beitbridge Border Post is experiencing high number of people crossing than other ports of entry.

“Inside the port, all the process is up and running in terms of the ICT or the computers. We always have challenges where during load shedding the system is always going down. This time we make sure that we have expert on the ground, so the capacity is here, additional capacity. I can indicate that the average we are able to process over a period is about 15 000. Last, we have processed over 14 000 and up to this point we processed over 8 000 trucks. We processed about 600 in a 24-hour bases,” said Dr Masiapato.

Travelers frustrated by delays at the Lebombo Border Post with Mozambique:

People who are crossing to the Zimbabwean side at Beitbridge Porder Post have applauded border officials for improving services. Some say they are hoping to arrive home in time.

“The service at the border, I just arrived now but it’s moving. I hope we are going to reach home in time. The service is just normal the system doesn’t change is not the queue is moving but people are too much but remain with the same counter that are being used. Me, I would clap for immigration because there is not queue. These guys are well organised. It is moving 100%; I give them a clap,” he adds.

Meanwhile, traffic was heavily congested on the N1 road between Musina and the border post.

Some of the motorists expressed frustrations.

He has further added that, “The traffic is bad sir. The traffic is so heavy. One thing I like is moving but it is so bad. I don’t know why it’s blocked. They should have opened so that everyone must be cleared. I’m feeling bad and the weather is too hot. I don’t see what is happening is bad and is hot.”

Beitbridge Border Post is one of the few operating 24 hours.

Monitoring traffic at Beitbridge Border Post: