Montana returns to State Capture Commission

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The State Capture Commission is expected to hear more evidence of state capture in state-owned companies on Monday morning.

The commission will hear evidence related to the Passenger Rail Agency of South Africa (Prasa) when former CEO Lucky Montana returns to give evidence before Deputy Chief Justice Raymond Zondo.


Montana appeared before the commission last month where he accused it of bias.

He has been implicated in wrongdoing by various witnesses who have appeared before the inquiry.

Montana was head of Prasa between 2010 and 2015 until he was fired by the board amid corruption allegations.

Earlier, Montana said fruitless and wasteful expenditure was the only evidence being used by the commission to measure corruption, which he said was irregular.

Montana also accused law enforcement agencies and investigators of breaking into his house illegally many times to try and get evidence.

The ex-Prasa boss says in July 2019, he wrote a letter to the commission explaining his intention to give evidence, but the commission wanted him to focus on certain issues and disregarded some of his evidence.

Montana urged the commission to listen to different sides of the story before accepting one side to be fact.

The former Prasa boss was implicated in alleged wrongdoing by several witnesses, including former Prasa Board Chairperson, Popo Molefe, and the parastatal’s former legal representative, Martha Ngoyi.

On Prasa matters, Montana told Justice Zondo that he believed the state of the rail agency was in shambles.

The video below is the live stream proceedings of Montana’s previous appearance: