Montana denies using his power to wield undue influence

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Former Passenger Rail Agency of South Africa (Prasa) Chief Executive Lucky Montana has denied allegations made against him by former Prasa Legal Manager Fani Dingizwayo who accused him of using his power to wield undue influence and enter into an irregular contract with Prodigy PTY Limited.

Montana says there was a wrongful attempt by certain individuals to link himself, Prodigy’s Executive Roy Moodley and former President Jacob Zuma with alleged influence at Prasa.

Montana says Dingizwayo, like most executives, picked a side when Montana and then Prasa chairperson Popo Molefe’s relationship broke down.

In his affidavit, Dingizwayo says Montana dismissed him when he questioned the validity of certain contracts which Montana signed off.

Montana is appearing before the state capture commission in Johannesburg.

“Mr Dingizwayo, Mrs Ngoyi they write about Roy Moodley because he was supposed to be the Gupta at Prasa because Lucky dealt with the Guptas, here’s another Gupta. And you must understand the racist undertones of it. But Chair, I’m an independent person. I fought with lists of people, ministers and if I think something is wrong, I say it’s wrong.”

Live stream: Montana testifies to the commission:


On Friday, Montana threw a list of allegations against Molefe.

He accused him of being the mastermind behind the collapse of the State-owned Passenger Rail Agency, calling him the most corrupt Board chair.

Montana told the Commission he had also laid criminal charges and opened a case against his former boss at the Hillbrow Police Station.

He told the Commission that Molefe was golf buddies with businessman Roy Moodley who secured numerous irregular tenders from Prasa through his company Royal Security.

Montana says,  “I don’t play golf, I’ve never been to those events, the last time I was on a golf course was when I was a caddie at the Irene Club in Pretoria. I used to get into a train in Mamelodi and travel back. Chair, so these things about golf, Roy Moodley has got nothing to do with me Chair, it’s their discussion and I think the two of them must come and tell the Chair how did they meet which golf, how did they pay for those things, it has nothing to do with me, I’ve never been involved in any golf activity with Mr Moodley.”


Montana also accused the Judicial Commission of Inquiry into Allegations of State Capture of being biased and its investigative team of failing to do its job.

VIDEO: Montana testified before the commission on Friday:

Additional reporting by Amina Accram.