Money used to refurbish Winnie Mandle Museum should have been spent on service delivery: Residents

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Some residents of the Winnie Mandela town in the Free State, previously known as Brandfort, say the money used to refurbish the Winnie Madikizela-Mandela Museum should have been spent on service delivery.

Some areas in the Majwemasweu Township have experienced severe water shortages for over a decade.

The multimillion-rand project has also been impacted by allegations of corruption.

Seven people including the former Free State Sports, Arts and Culture head Tsoarelo Malakoane are out on bail for allegedly siphoning public funds.

“I don’t think there will still be a service delivery to our community, for example, Slovo Park, there is no electricity for more than 11 years, there is no water,” a resident said.

“We are not happy at all about the situation of the museum because we don’t have access to enter,” another resident explains.

“We are not happy as a community just because it’s been long, they are promising us but there’s been nothing happening to the location,” a resident reiterates.