Molefe, Meshoe hail Mangope

Lucas Mangope's funeral is being held in Motswedi village near Zeerust in the North West.
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The first premier of the North West in democratic South Africa Popo Molefe has lauded former Bophuthatswana leader, Lucas Mangope for his contribution to the economy of the province.

He says during intense negotiations to convince Mangope to join the new South Africa, they recall his commitment to economic issues.

Speaking at Mangope’s funeral in Motswedi village near Zeerust in the North West, Molefe hailed Mangope for laying out a solid foundation for economic growth in the platinum province.

Molefe says, “In all homeland leaders, he started a great foundation to create jobs for our people, places like Mogwase, Babalegi and others were lot of jobs were created, although we differed in ideology. After Mangope accepted that there’s a new government, we started working very well with great respect for each other. For me as a new premier, I learnt a lot on how to govern.”

Meanwhile, African Christian Democratic Party president, Reverend Kenneth Meshoe has lauded Mangope for his unwavering faith.

Meshoe says Mangope was able to use his faith to cascade his love to his people, in providing services. He says unlike some leaders today, that are facing allegations of corruption and maladministration, Mangope was an incorruptible leader.

Meshoe says, “Mr Mangope was a leader who really loved God. When a leader loves God, he is able to love the people that he leads, he was known to be a man of integrity a man who believed in cleanliness. Under his leadership people were taught to always respect the rule of law. In terms of developments in all these homeland, Mr Mangope was leading.  No one remembers him with any scandals or stealing  public money. I respect him so much for that.”