Former Transnet CEO, Brian Molefe, has failed to explain to the commission of inquiry into allegations of state capture how a security company suing Transnet for R1.4 billion could eventually agree to an out-of-court settlement of R20 million.

This after Transnet filed counter papers suing Abalozi, a company that former Communications Minister Siphiwe Nyanda owned, for allegedly making monetary gain for work not done.

Molefe told the commission that he later found proof that the company had delivered and this resulted in the settlement.

“There could be perfect business reasons that I may not be able to advance now, perhaps they could advance. Why they would waive that R1.4 billion….perhaps they don’t want to be seen to have been paid a settlement of R800 billion by Transnet. From the business point of view, decisions like that are possible,” explains Molefe.

The video below is the live stream of Thursday night’s proceedings:

Targeting of families claims

Molefe also criticised the state capture commission of targeting certain families in order to further a specific narrative.

Appearing before the commission for the fourth time last night, Molefe cited the Rupert family and some US and Canadian companies among those that he says the commission is turning a blind eye on.

“This commission has chosen a particular narrative and the family and their involvement in Transnet and ignored others. I ask myself why these particular issues and families, there are other families that ate things with these entities but no interest. Classic examples the locomotives tender it was not Chinese only, the Americans, Canadian and Germans were there but the focus was on the Chinese. The CEO of Transnet in the 1930s commissioned the Pierneef paintings those paintings are very expensive but have been given to Mr Johan Rupert to look after,” he said.

Deputy Chief Justice Raymond Zondo told Molefe that it was not possible for the commission to investigate all cases of state capture

“This commission came about as a result of the public protector at the time. The issues that the PP said must be investigated by this commission related to the relation between the Gupta and the President and executives,” the commission chair explained.

The commisiom will continue to hear Transnet related evidence today.