Mogoeng appeals to chosen MPs, MPLs to strengthen SA’s democracy

Mogoeng Mogoeng
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Chief Justice Mogoeng Mogoeng has appealed to all chosen Members of Parliament and Provincial Legislatures to ensure that the executive is held to account.

The Chief Justice made the comments after handing over the list of MPs and MPLs to the Acting Secretary of Parliament at the Constitutional Court in Braamfontein, Johannesburg.

On Wednesday, the Independent Electoral Commission (IEC) officially handed over the list of designated members of parliament and provincial legislature as part of the election process to the Chief Justice – Mogoeng Mogoeng.

This is the final step of the election process.

400 individuals will be sworn in as Members of the sixth Parliament whereas 430 will be representatives in provincial legislatures.

Receiving the list Chief Justice Mogoeng says those deployed need to ensure that the institutions continue to strengthen the country’s constitutional democracy.

He appealed to the chosen representatives to take the oath of office seriously and commit in serving the country diligently.

The national Parliament will sit on the 22nd of May where the President will be elected.

This election was deemed the hardest since the country’s democracy. The IEC announced that the list with 830 was gazetted on Wednesday morning.

IEC chairperson, Glen Mashinini says gender representation in the National Assembly has improved from the last election by 2%.

Mashinini also announced that the average age of candidates in National Assembly is 50 years old.

“In terms of gender 45.2% are women. This is an improvement by 3% from 2014. The province with the best equity is Mpumalanga where half are women and the worst province is the Western Cape where women are 35%,” says IEC Chairperson Glen Mahinini.

The full list of names of the representatives deployed to Parliament and Provincial Legislatures will be published on the IEC website on Thursday and will appear in the next government gazette.