Mob murder victim Thorisho Themane died of head trauma

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The High Court in Polokwane, Limpopo, has heard that 27-year-old Thorisho Themane who was allegedly beaten by a mob of teenagers at a recreational park in the Fauna Park suburb in 2019, died of head trauma.

A group of teenagers and two adults are on trial for his murder.

The accused are pupils at various secondary schools in Polokwane. One of them released a video clip, boasting that he is untouchable as his father is a police officer.

DNA results are positively linked to samples taken from the clothes of three of the teenage accused.

The trial is being held in camera at the children’s court.

In 2019 just after the incident took place, a large crowd of community members used to come to court calling for an end to bullying and teenage gangsterism at schools in the area and around Polokwane.

A march was organised, calling for justice: 

But this time around there are no large crowds in court.

Only family members of the deceased and of the accused and witnesses are attending the court proceedings.

“Day three of Thoriso Themane murder trial in Limpopo Polokwane High Court as accused number nine turned to be the state witness number four. During his testimony he mentioned that the other accused were also involved in beating the deceased including himself. He also said that he was responsible for taking video clips and photos of the incident. The state has handed post mortem, medical reports and DNA which showed that he died from trauma in the head,” says NPA spokesperson is Mashudu Dzhanzhi Malabi.

All the witnesses who testified so far confirmed they they and the accused persons participated in beating Themane.

The trial continues.