Mnangagwa commits to speed up e-governance in Zimbabwe

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Zimbabwean President Emmerson Mnangagwa on Wednesday pledged his government’s commitment towards establishing a thriving economy and an e-society, a fast growing sector.

Zimbabwe has experienced serious economic challenges and President Mnangagwa has promised to turn the situation around.

One of the ways to address economic challenges is sing the ICT Sector. “ICTs and innovation are a major driver to development, new ICTs overcome the barriers of distance and time and significantly improve the accessibility of information and knowledge. ICTs have changed the way people communicate,” says ICT & Cyber Security Minister Supa Mandiwanzira.

As the world fast transforms itself into a digital and mobile era, experts warn of the greater threats facing the world.

“ Mobile devices today are becoming the greatest cyber vulnerability, it is predicted that this year alone, we will see almost 30% of corporate data flowing directly from the mobile device to the cloud, essentially bypassing enterprise security controls completely,”  says  TorqueIT South Africa’s Sean Lee Evans.

As cyber criminals continue to invent ways of exploiting public innocence, there is an urgent need for continued investment in public awareness and training.

“Security leaders and security professionals need to be on a continued self-improvement journey and periodically take stock of their own skills and knowledge gaps, because there is not one size solution for everything. Cyber criminals are also taking advantage of enterprise digital transformation efforts by exploiting user trusts,” says Lee Evans.

However, Zimbabwean authorities say the benefits of transformation out way the risks posed, and they will forge ahead.

“My government remains committed to speeding up the implementation of e-governance which will enhance communication services between government to government, government and business, government and citizens and to smooth interactions within the entire government machinery,” says Mnangagwa.

As Zimbabwe tries to rebuild its economy and improve public confidence, Mnangagwa believes he has found one piece of the puzzle.

“E-governance will help in the eradication of corruption through automated systems which remove bureaucratic impediments and bottlenecks, I therefore exhort government ministries, departments and agencies and parastals to prioritise ICT solutions in their operating systems,” says Mnangagwa.

Mnangagwa is expected to continue to push for investments in Zimbabwe.