MMA says people should guard against fake news

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Media Monitoring Africa (MMA) has reiterated a call for people to verify information or video footage before sharing them on social media platforms. This follows a fake news story that caused a frenzy among parents in Gauteng over the abduction of 17 children in Katlehong, Ekurhuleni.

Police say old videos are being circulated as new events, with social media also being flooded with unverified stories of a number of foreigners being killed.

Media Monitoring Africa’s director, William Bird, has urged people to first check the information on credible news platforms before spreading fake news.

“The simple thing is to go to credible, legitimate media houses; go and check it out on the public broadcaster or on any of the other credible media that exists in South Africa. If they aren’t sharing that or reporting on that, be very cautious about dealing with that. If it is not from a site that is credible, then avoid sharing it.”

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