Mlungisi Madonsela’s family decries justice system

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The family of Mlungisi Madonsela, who was shot dead allegedly by security guards during a student protest earlier in 2019 at the Durban University of Technology, says the country’s justice system has let them down, after charges against those arrested were dropped.

The National Prosecuting Authority (NPA) released a statement indicating that it had decided not to prosecute due to insufficient evidence.

The family was addressing hundreds of Economic Freedom Fighter (EFF) student members from DUT who had taken to the streets in a protest calling for justice.

Mlungisi’s sister, Sbekezelo Mgenge says they feel the matter did not get the attention it deserves because Mlungisi was an EFF member.

“We feel very let down by the justice system of this country. There were promises that they will look into it and they will prosecute whoever was involved but up until this day no one has been arrested and no has been found at fault. They are just basing this case on politics and it shouldn’t be like that. We know the governing party of our country and it’s contradictory to them. They are the opposition party Mlungisi was part of. This case is politically influenced and if they can take politics out of it and deal with the murder case maybe there would have been different outcome.”

Meanwhile, NPA Spokesperson, Natasha Ramkisson-Kara received a memorandum of the students’ grievances at the Durban City Hall.

Ramkisson-Kara says the NPA decision will be reviewed.

“On behalf of the NPA, my colleagues and I attended the march today. We received the memorandum on behalf of the Director of Public Prosecutions in KZN. This memorandum will now be communicated to our director. The decision in this matter will be reviewed by our senior officials and once the decision has been reached it will be communicated to the senders of the memorandum in due course,” says Ramkisson-Kara.