Former ANC military veterans MKMV have announced the centenary celebrations for their first commander in chief, former President Nelson Mandela.

The 100th birthday wish for Madiba is for all former soldiers to bury the hatchet and unite.

Mandela visited MK soldiers in several African countries shortly after his release from prison in 1990. He was part of the 1961 establishment of the ANC military wing to fight against the apartheid forces.

He received military training in Algeria before he was arrested and charged for high treason in the Rivonia trial.

The military wing is now paying tribute to the former head of state.

MKMVA president, Kebby Mapatsoe says: “We therefore see it as our duty to follow in his footsteps. Our first commander in chief would have wanted all MK veterans to be united under the banner of MKMV. Therefore we commit ourselves to work for unity among all MK veterans.”

The MK vets are still divided with the other group led by former SANDF chief, General Sphiwe Nyanda.

Mapatsoe also weighed in on the spiralling cash in transit heists, claiming they may be part of a plot to discredit the country as an investment destination.

“We are worried that there are no finger prints found in the crime scenes. There might be collusion with comrades from neighbouring states. These people are professionals it is worrying.”

The MKMVA also appealed to protesting communities not to destroy property.

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