Public Protector Advocate Busisiwe Mkhwebane has released 13 investigations reports, including 13 matters that have been closed because they could not be substantiated. Among the reports is a matter between Ms P Petersen, a mother to the deceased lieutenant Daniel Petersen.

Lieutenant Petersen collapsed during an exercise marathon in 1998.

Although Lieutenant Petersen was admitted to hospital, he died the following day. Ms Petersen complains about how the death of her son was handled.

The Public Protector has found that the complaint is unsubstantiated.

Mkhwebane made recommendations directed to the SAPS National Commissioner and the SANDF Chief.

“To remedy this improper conduct and maladministration, I direct the National Commissioner of SAPS to consider amending the standing order to provide for informing the next of kin of progress made in an inquest investigation and apologise in writing to Ms Petersen for the failure to keep her informed of progress in the inquest investigation within 30 days. The Chief of SANDF is also directed to issue a written apology to Ms Petersen,” says Mkhwebane.

The Public Protector further issued reports on irregular staff appointments. The appointment of Ezekiel Motsumi Kgang to the position of District Sports, Recreation, Arts, Culture and Heritage Coordinator for the Dr Kenneth Kaunda District in North West was found to be irregular.

Mkhwebane made recommendations in the matter.

“To remedy this, the speaker is directed to ensure that the council in consultation with the MM (Municipal Manager) declare the appointment irregular and the salary of Mr Kgang is reflected as an irregular expenditure in the municipality’s financial statements for the period 01 April to date and the Municipal Manager should within 90 working days take the disciplinary steps for those who were involved in the irregular appointment of Mr Kgang,” says Mkhwebane.

Still in the North West, the Public Protector found that the appointment of Lekwa Teemane Municipal Manager, Ndoda Mgenko was irregular too.

“The only allegation is about his 2015 appointment which is substantiated,” says Mkhwebane.

The Public Protector also investigated allegations of corruption, procurement irregularities and maladministration within the Department of Water and Sanitation. This is the complaint lodged by former Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) Parliamentarian and Secretary-General, Godrich Gardee.

“I found that the allegation that the department irregularly procured the SAP licenses for itself and on behalf of the water boards is substantiated. I also found that the conduct of officials Mr Mkhize and Mr Mathe amount to maladministration and improper conduct while the expenditure incurred as a result of irregular expenditure was irregular, fruitless and wasteful.”

Mkhwebane also found an irregular appointment at the South African Broadcasting Corporation (SABC).

“In the main, the complaint alleged that the SABC appointed Ms Chubisi to the position, permanently in April 2016 without following and adhering to the recruitment procedures and prescripts that were applicable at the time. So, they allege that she was preferred ahead of other candidates who were suitably qualified and experienced. I found that these allegations are substantiated,” says Mkhwebane.

In this video below, Mkhwebane issues the report: