Retired Judge and chairperson of Freedom Under Law Johann Kriegler says he does not believe that Public Protector Busisiwe Mkhwebane is fit for the office.

Judge Kriegler has slammed Mkhwebane for allegedly criticising the work of the State Capture Commission.

This follows an article by a Sunday newspaper saying Mkhwebane filed court papers to be allowed to help draft narrowed terms for the Zondo inquiry into State Capture for the rest of the commission’s hearings. Mkhebane’s office responded to the article saying it was not written in a way that reflects the facts.

But Judge Kriegler says Mkhwebane has no basis to criticise the media.

“She is in no position to criticise. I do not believe that she has any basis to criticise the media for being acutely aware of her own inadequacies. We have said for some time now that the lady is not fit for the office and it is time that she is removed from the office.”

Mkhwebane also alleged to have argued that she could have done the job at a fraction of the cost. Judge Kriegler says Mkhwebane cannot possibly have any reliable information about the commission’s costs:

“I do not believe the Public Protector has any reliable idea of the cost of the Zondo Commission. Judging by what has been revealed, unearthed so far before the commission, whatever costs is money well spent. If the PP thinks she can do a better job of work one would remind her what happened in the Vrede Estina inquiry where she managed to traverse the ground and find nothing.”

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