The Minister of Co-operative Governance and Traditional Affairs, Zweli Mkhize has warned the cash-strapped Makana Municipality in the Eastern Cape not to be complacent as it shows signs of improvement.

Briefing the media following his site visit at the municipality, where he met with officials, Mkhize says since his last visit, there have been signs of improvement.

The municipality had prolonged water issues due to ageing infrastructure and maladministration.

Mkhize says action will be taken if the municipality drops standards.

“I must say that from what I have received in terms of the report there is actually a lot of hope. But I said to the municipality, there is hope, but don’t be complacent. You are very behind from where you should be. Your sense of improvement must not create a sense that we are satisfied where you are, we are not. We need the municipality to move to a point where it is efficient; it is generating its own revenue; it is clean; it is moving to become a leading municipality in the country, because it’s got a potential to be,” says Mkhize.

Mayor Mzukisi Mphahlwa has committed that the municipality will improve the standard of service delivery.

“We also pledge in front of everyone to the Minister that we do everything in our power that we take into account the directive and the suggestions that the Minister gave to us. So, in that respect, I would say that it was a worthwhile meeting to have very pointed questions to ask and holding us to account,” says Mphahlwa.