The ANC provincial offices in Mpumalanga remain closed after MK National Council members shut them down. The members instructed the ANC support staff to vacate the offices.

The MK National Council members are calling for the disbandment of the PEC.

The members claim that the ANC has been hijacked by thugs who are stealing from the poor to enrich themselves.

They say the PEC is an illegitimate structure after the former Chairperson David Mabuza and his deputy Violet Siwela resigned to assume new responsibilities at national office.

The Council says the move to shut down the offices is aimed at forcing the ANC national office to heed to the call of disbanding the PEC.

However, ANC Mpumalanga Spokesperson, Sasekani Manzini says  the PEC is in the office lawfully.

“The term of office of the PEC comes to an end in December. As we are sitting, we are preparing. The national ANC has given us a guideline in terms of your regional conferences and provincial conferences. So, as a PEC, as we seated, we are processing preparations to go to our provincial conference because December is the end of the term of office of our PEC.”