Mixed feelings over outcome of merger between Kagisano-Molopo Municipalities

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Residents of Kagisano-Molopo Local Municipality in the North West, have mixed feelings about the outcome of the merger between Kagisano and Molopo Local Municipalities.

They say since the inception of the new council in 2011, not much has been done.

Residents are also worried about the closure of satellite government offices such as SASSA, Social Development and Emergency Medical Services.

A community leader from Bray, in former Molopo, George Toba, says they want the merger to be reversed.

“Look we need to separate the two municipalities and that is doable, there are many areas around Molopo area which can allow that municipality to be re-establish as the municipality. We are sitting with big game farms, we are sitting with many areas which can assist the municipality to collect revenue. Now there is no need to say we cannot have revenue. Molopo municipality on its own have plenty of opportunity to can make its revenue. There is no need for merger.”

Former mayor of Kagisano-Molopo Local Municipality, Tumelo Olaotswe, says he does not see any problem with the merger. He says the only challenge is the limited allocation of equitable shares by national treasury.

“The equitable shares that we receiving it is limiting us in each and every financial year to achieve the expectations of our communities and that does not mean we are not rendering services to our community. We are rendering services to our community but as a human being you will agree with me that not every individual will be satisfied when we render services to them.”


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