The rollout of the second dose of the Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine, administered to senior citizens, commenced across the country on Monday.

In KwaZulu-Natal, it was a slow start at some vaccination sites due to apparent miscommunication. Many senior citizens received messages redirecting them to other sites.

There was a lot of confusion among many who turned up at the Moses Mabhida vaccination site in Durban to receive their second dose, 42 days after receiving their first jab.

The group of elderly people is excited to be fully vaccinated.

“The first dose gave me a lot of body pains and fatigue, but the second dose I don’t know. A bit scared but we have to take it. I’m happy now because most of them say that you will be safe at least 90 percent from the virus. And I hope so it happens. I feel great, I’m just gonna wait the ten day period before we are fully vaccinated. And then just get life a bit more too normal.

But I feel great and I just hope everybody participate and get themselves sorted out. The first vaccine,  I was so happy I didn’t have any pain, and I was okay , I was healthy and today I’m okay I’m hoping that I will be okay forever and the vaccine will protect me” they say.

More of the elderly’s reaction to the second dose of the Pfizer vaccine: