Minister Zulu calls on all sectors of society to protect children

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Social Development Minister Lindiwe Zulu has called on all sectors of society to unite and recommit themselves to strive for what is best for the children of South Africa.

Zulu launched the Child Protection Week campaign at James House Community Based Care Centre in Houtbay in Cape Town on Sunday, under the theme: “Let us Protect Children during COVID-19 and Beyond,”.

Speaking to the SABC, Zulu called on South Africans from all walks of life, to play their part in providing unwavering support to children.

“There are a number of other very important areas which we worry about, it is the violence against children, it is sexual abuse, it is deliberate neglect, it is physical abuse, and it is child murder. This country cannot afford to have its children going through such trauma, when it is possible for this country through its government, through the NPOs, through its communities to make sure that we end this kind of suffering against children.”

Zulu says the week will be used to highlight the plight of children.

“But also highlighting what needs to be done for children otherwise as the Department of Social Development we believe that children have to be protected 365 days around the year, 24/7, because children are protected by the constitution. But the constitution is good enough as a document that gives a guideline of what is expected in terms of us taking care of children, what is important is then the actions thereof, of ensuring that families are empowered enough to take care of their children.”

Zulu says they are working together with other departments to ensure children are protected: