In the midst of the celebrations about the 78.2% matric pass rate in 2018, Minister of Higher Education and Training, Naledi Pandor, takes us through enrolment of new students at tertiary institutions.

In 2018, the minister decided to amend the minimum admission requirements to 30% for entry into bachelor’s degree programmes.

Pandor says people should not mistake minimum for preferred, “I think what we do is when you have a minimum mark set, people think that’s what you desire. That’s the least one can do, and what we want from our young people is to aim for the best. There’s no intention to decrease standards. ”

However, the minister acknowledges that the new amendment will hinder students from studying certain courses.

“Certainly you can’t have certain courses approved for entry to universities and other subjects left out. So what we have done is open up room so that many more subjects can now be considered, but the actual admission requirements are determined by the institutions themselves,” says Pandor.

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