Communications Minister Stella Ndabeni-Abrahams is expected to brief the oversight committee on Wednesday on the progress of the government guarantee for the cash-strapped SABC. This as the public broadcaster continues to face major financial woes.

It is understood that the SABC is seeking a R6.8 billion government guarantee.

The Communications Committee met for the first time since the general elections to elect a new Chairperson.

The ANC’s Hope Papo was elected unopposed.

Papo says the minister’s presentation will make them understand the challenges of the public broadcaster.

“We are going to interact with the minister from tomorrow and in the next two weeks. Some of the issues we will be getting clarity on is their approach as the public broadcaster. The public broadcaster is important for the country because it services an overwhelming number of citizens. So, we’d like to hear from the minister what plans are in place.”

Opposition parties want the committee to move swiftly to mitigate the SABC’s financial problems. The DA’s Phumzile van Damme says that they would like to get clarity on the SABC’s funding.

“Of course, the SABC remains an issue. There’s something regarding the funding of the SABC. So, that’s an issue we would like to receive clarity on immediately as the SABC has said Day Zero is nearing. So, we would like to get full clarity on that.”

COPE’s Willie Madisha says that the SABC has collapsed.

“I would say that if I were to start with the SABC, it has actually collapsed. You talk about the resources there, you talk about the person power … we are faced with a serious problems there. Workers there, we have a problem that must be looked into.”

The committee will also consider reports for budgets votes over the next two weeks.