Minister Motshekga calls on learners to check power cut schedules when studying

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Basic Education Minister Angie Motshekga has called on learners preparing for year-end exams to check rolling blackout schedules prior to their study sessions.

It comes as the Matric Class of 2022 prepares to write their final examinations, due to begin on the 25th of this month. Eskom is currently implementing stage 4 power cuts.

Motshekga says learners need to monitor rolling blackout timetables or resort to studying during the daytime.

“You work around it the way business works around it; you look at the schedule if there is going to be load shedding and it means you study later. You must really monitor load shedding timetables and work around it. Learners are not an exception as everybody copes. If they wake up and there is no light it means you will study later when the sun rises. I don’t want to stress kids out and say it is a big problem. We have to work around it”, says Motshekga.

Motshekga, has voiced confidence that year-end exams can continue in the midst of rolling blackouts.

“What is helpful is that the load shedding schedules are there, so you know when you are going to have power and we will work around it. So, very few exams require electricity and classes have light so we will be able to cope. When there is marking, we will see if it is severe then we might bring generators but half the time I am able to speak with the Energy Minister and see if we can mitigate against any adverse conditions. But I am confident that we will be able to work around it”, Motshekga adds.

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