Africa’s first annual Mindful Drinking Festival is taking place in Cape Town amid mounting concern about the high number of drunk drivers on the roads.

The event in Kirstenbosch seeks to promote a sober lifestyle.

A wide choice of alcohol-free drinks are on display for tasting, including alcohol-free beers, wines, champagne and other health drinks.


Spokesperson for the festival organisers, Sean O’Connor, says they want to help build a healthy relationship between people and alcohol.

“Our world is very complex, we’ve got a lot of challenges, lots of problems, especially in our country where it tops for foetal alcohol spectrum disorder, drunken driving, domestic violence. Alcohol is mired in our society and people say what’s the point of drinking a beer with no alcohol in it but they taste just as good without any of the effects.”

Meanwhile, 34 people have been arrested for drunk driving in the Western Cape alone this weekend.