Military Veterans will soon receive their pension pay-outs: Mabuza

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Deputy President, David Mabuza, has told military veterans in Mahikeng, in the North West, that they’ll soon get their pension pay-outs. Mabuza engaged with military veterans on Saturday, affiliated to various political formations, with the aim of addressing challenges faced by former combatants and soldiers.

A high-ranking government delegation, which consists of Deputy President David Mabuza, Deputy Defence and Military Veterans Minister, Thabang Makwetla, and North West Premier, Bushy Maape, met with military veterans.

The engagement however, was short-lived, when concerns were raised about the size of the venue and the fact that the military veterans were not well represented. Mabuza told delegates that a decision was made that the meeting be postponed.

“This gives us an opportunity to respond to your reality on a day-to-day basis, your experiences, but as we do this, we will request your patience, we are going to try very hard to move a bit faster. We are just putting a comma in this meeting, we are going to reconvene in a weeks’ time, seven days from today is quiet a short time but let’s try”, says the Deputy President.

Postponement does not bode well with veterans

The postponement did not sit well with the military veterans who were visibly disappointed that their concerns could not be heard and pointed a finger at the North West provincial government. They say they are dragging their feet in addressing veterans’ social issues. The veterans also say although Mabuza gave them an ear, more needs to be done.

“Some of the shortfalls in the meeting is not because of the Deputy President it’s because of the officials that are failing. So I think our officials must have a very good look at themselves when they are tasked.

“We really appreciate the visit of the deputy president. It really showed that he understood our dynamics”, they say.

Pension pay-outs

Mabuza has, in the meantime, promised military veterans that they should be receiving their pension pay-outs soon. This as many have previously struggled to access their benefits

“We have finally approved the pension roll-out, which we think will go a long way to assist. We want to see this pension being roll-out as soon as possible without delay. We are quite aware of the hardship they are facing,” adds Mabuza.

The North West Provincial Government says it’ll urgently deliberate on a new date for the meeting.

Deputy President David Mabuza addresses concerns of Military Veterans:


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