Judge Jacqueline Henriques has sentenced Mohammed Ebrahim to 25 years imprisonment for the kidnapping and murder of nine-year-old Miguel Louw.

Delivering her sentence, the judge noted that Ebrahim had shown no remorse.

She referred to the killing as a crime of passion since Ebrahim had a relationship with Miguel’s mother.

Ebrahim killed the boy in 2018 after his mother broke up with him.

The boy’s decomposed body was found six weeks after he was reported missing.

In the video below from 2 years ago is on DNA results confirming that the body found in Phoenix, north of Durban is Miguel Louw:

During sentencing, Ebrahim sat still in the dock.

The video below from September 15, 2018, is the funeral service of nine-year-old Miguel Louw in Sydenham in Durban: