Meyiwa murder trial | State raises concerns over ‘intrusive and overbearing conduct’ by the media

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The State in the Senzo Meyiwa murder case has raised serious concerns over the heckling of witnesses by some members of the media.

This follows Tuesday morning’s incident where Tumelo Madlala, one of Senzo Meyiwa’s friends, was reportedly heckled by some TV journalists while making his way to the court.

Madlala is the state’s third witness and was present when Meyiwa was shot in the Khumalo home in 2014.

State advocate, George Baloyi says such behaviour is unacceptable as Madlala was petrified.

“My lord, intrusive and overbearing conduct t by members of the media against witnesses is a cause of serious concern. We will request that guidelines are laid down regarding the treatment of witnesses by members of the media. It was so serious that the witness had to take refuge in one of the rooms where he currently is,” says Baloyi.

Senzo Meyiwa Murder trial: 13 September 2022

Media meets court management

Members of the media who have been asked to leave the court are in a meeting with the court manager to map the way forward on the treatment of the witnesses.

Once a way forward has been agreed upon, a presentation will be made in court on the issue.

Madlala has taken the oath on the witness stand.

Earlier, the judge made an order that no pictures be taken of the witness following an earlier incident involving the media.

Additional reporting by Sipho Kekana.