Mexico’s president accuses rivals of smear campaign

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Mexican President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador is facing controversy over a resurfaced video showing his brother receiving money from a political operative.

The video, released by a local news outlet, shows David Leon, a former adviser to Lopez Obrador, handing the president’s brother an envelope stuffed with bills.

Lopez Obrador shrugged off the controversy on Friday, calling it a “perennial black campaign of my adversaries” with the “intention to do damage to me.” He added that “my conscience is clear.”

It’s the second video in a year to feature one of the president’s brothers taking money from Leon, sparking fresh criticism from Mexico’s opposition.
David Leon stepped down from the government last August after the first video, shot in 2015, leaked.

On that occasion, Lopez Obrador described the cash as contributions from supporters.

Leon said on Twitter the money in the new video was a loan he had provided from his personal savings.

According to local media, the latest video was also shot in 2015 just before Lopez Obrador’s political party competed in elections for the first time.

Lopez Obrador told reporters the cash was not for him or any political campaign, but that it was a personal matter between his brother and Leon.

It’s unclear if the latest scandal will impact the president’s robust popularity, polling well above 50% in most national surveys.