Metsimaholo coalition hangs in the balance

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A coalition at the Metsimaholo municipality in Sasolburg-northern Free State hangs in the balance. Speculation is rife that infighting between the South African Communist Party (SACP) and the( ANC) disrupted decision making at meetings aimed to address service delivery concerns.

Five political parties which include the SACP, ANC, Metsimaholo Community Association, Forum For Service Delivery and AIC formed a coalition after there was no outright winner during hotly contested by-elections in November, 2017.

Both Metsimaholo Community Association and Forum for Service Delivery have expressed their unhappiness about what they say is the ANC’s lack of cooperation.

“It is difficult because the ANC they were not attending these political management committee meetings making it difficult. Sometimes we are bound to take decision in absentia,” said Victor Nyembe of MCA.

The SACP provincial secretary, Bheke Stofile, has also weighed in saying the ANC was not committed to the coalition.

“Non-attendance of the ANC to meeting scheduled between coalition partners and always the ANC is not available. Mayor and her committee including the council is at work. The relationship at political level is different relationship in terms of service delivery.”

ANC’s William Bulwane says they are against some decisions by the communist party but says they are still committed to the coalition.

“We had problems amongst ourselves with the communist party the way they want to do things and then we said we want to have discussions with them once we are done with those discussions we would be able to go back to the negotiations again.”

Meanwhile, the DA has lashed out at the infighting among political parties saying this delays service delivery. DA councillor Arnoldi Du Plooy says administratively, the municipality has collapsed.

“As the democratic Alliance we can see there is decline in service delivery in Metsimaholo we have a non functional call centre specifically with information we sit with water leaks, potholes, electricity and storm water challenges.”

Du Plooy added that the Revenue Enhancement Strategy which is in place has not been implemented.