Metrorail temporarily suspends Mamelodi train services

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Metrorail has temporarily suspended train services at the Mamelodi corridor East of Pretoria, after a series of staff assaults, train hijackings and attacks against its commuters.

The rail agency says in a period of less than a week more than 10 employees were attacked and withdrawn from operations, with more than 6 trains being withdrawn from service due to malicious damage to property.

Gauteng Metrorail spokesperson Lillian Mofokeng says the decision to withdraw services came after another case of train vandalism at Eerste Fabrieke Station.

Mofokeng says, “We cannot continue like this. Yes we know the decision is hard especially for commuters that are committed and loyal to our services. However, we cannot also risk the lives of the commuters.”

“At Eerste Fabriek last night we have seen a train that was vandalised. We have seen our female train driver that was humiliated, attacked and her clothes taken off in full view of commuters,” adds Mofokeng.