Metrobus services suspended after two drivers, two passengers injured

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Johannesburg’s Metrobus has suspended bus services after two drivers and two passengers were harmed during the ongoing bus strike. Six of its buses have also been attacked during the strike which started on Tuesday.

Commuters have been forced to seek alternative means of transport with serious cost implications.

Metrobus says stranded commuters can demand refunds on their bus tags but urged patience as they believe the strike could end soon.

The Democratic Municipal and Allied Workers Union of South Africa  (Demawusa) union is demanding among others salary progression and filling of acting positions.

Metrobus spokesperson Goodwill Shiburi spoke on the issue and the current situation.

“Under the circumstances, and we’re busy negotiating and the idea is not to prolong the strike, the sooner we end the strike the better, but for those who are stranded who want refund we are able to refund, its just that its a lengthy process that we don’t want to subject commuters to. The main thing is to end the strike today so that we can get back to working and ferry people,” Shiburi says.