The situation has gone back to normal and buses have resumed operations at the Ghandi Square retail and bus hub in the Johannesburg CBD.  Earlier commuters blocked the roads in and out of the square preventing buses from leaving and coming in to transport passengers.

They were unhappy at among others, the lack of buses and the dilapidated condition of some of the vehicles. They have since dispersed.

Metrobus says 70 percent of its services was affected by the protest.  Police continue to monitor the situation.  Commuter Sizwe Dlamini says some of their complaints are long standing.

“Since February we have been having issues with Metro. People have been standing at Gandhi Square from 6 in the morning and only getting buses at around 7. It is not sitting well with the people at all. The issue is that we’ve been told that the Mayor somewhat came up with an idea of changing the schedules that have been working. Now the schedules are not working for the people.”

This comes after a month-long strike.

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