Johannesburg’s Metrobus management is locked in a meeting with The Democratic Municipal and Allied Workers Union of South Africa (DEMAWUSA) in an effort to end the workers’ strike.

Metrobus workers belonging to DEMAWUSA embarked on an indefinite strike on Monday morning. The strike is over salary progression issues.

DEMAWUSA is the only municipal union on strike while South African Municipal Workers’ Union (SAMWU) and the Independent Municipal and Allied Trade Union (IMATU) members are not.

Meanwhile, Metrobus says their bus that was reported hijacked has since been found parked at the Ghandi Square bus terminal in central Johannesburg.

Metrobus spokesperson Goodwill Shiburi says they are currently negotiating ways to end the strike.

“As far as negotiations or ways to deal with the strike, we are currently in session to look at ways to deal and negotiate with DEMAWUSA in order to end the strike. Unfortunately, we have had cases of threats and where one bus was hijacked and taken away from the driver so that incident has sent a negative message to members who are not on strike because as an employer we are not able to guarantee their safety and that of our passengers. We are not able to confirm for now as to who took the bus away from the driver but there are allegations that people who took the bus were wearing DEMAWUSA t-shirts.”