Methodist Church refugees accused leader of abuse of power

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Refugees, sheltering at the Central Methodist Church in the Cape Town CBD, have accused a prominent leader of the refugee community of abuse of power.

They allege he refused aid on their behalf when they needed it most and that he instigated the violence. This has led to the refugees being split into two opposing camps.

Police had to use stun grenades to restore order outside the church after tension developed between those camping on the pavement and others inside the church.

The refugees moved into the church after they were forcibly removed from the nearby offices of the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees.

A spokesperson for the Refugees, Puppy Sukami says: “He fought here the archbishop, the human rights commissioner as well. So he’s the one who broke the church here now, so we went to the police to come assist us.”

“We can’t do justice ourselves and we are waiting to hear from the police but now it has become enough.”

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