A memorial service has been held in Nairobi for six of the 21 people killed in a terror attack in the Kenyan capital last week.

Hundreds of people attended the memorial service of six top managers at a digital services company.

The company hailed the six as brave employees. They died inside their office which is among the 40 businesses housed at the hotel and office complex.

The Al-shabab militant group claimed responsibility for the attack.

It’s a week since the 19-hour ordeal at the DusitD2 hotel in Nairobi and more stories of valiant efforts by hotel staff and the police are emerging.

A 34-year-old hotel staffer Bernadette Konjalo is being hailed a heroine, for putting herself in harm’s way to save the lives of guests.

Konjalo worked as a manager at the hotel.

The SABC News spoke to her brother Kelly in Yeoville, Johannesburg, as the tragedy unfolded. He says a few hours after speaking to the SABC his worst fears were confirmed, that his sister had died in that tragedy.

“I got a call that my sister was no more. They had confirmed that she got burned marks. When the first gun shots happened she decided to enquire and came to help the rest of the guests to come out of the hotel. She was loving; she took upon herself to come and see my son that was six weeks ago – that’s how much she was loving and dedicated to the family,” Kelly explained.