Following the violent protests at the Afrikans-only  Hoërskool Overvaal in Vereeniging this week, a resident has posted a video ranting about the media.

He is accusing the media of being sensational and ignoring the real problems. The protest was sparked by a Pretoria high court ruling that the Afrikaans medium school did not have space to take in 55 English speaking learners.

The latest video shows community members cleaning up after the protest.  The resident was critical of the media and referred to racial divisions.

“Where is the media now when the white Afrikaaner is busy cleaning the mess that these people make. Media is not here, media is just here for sensation that’s all. This is got to do with race, nothing to do with Afrikaans and English. They clearly told us that us as white people…. and here it is. The evidence of what they have done destroying. The only thing they can do is destroy,” said the man.

Meanwhile, the ANC at Sedibeng Municipality in the Vaal has expressed disappointment about the comments made in the video.

ANC leader in the Sedibeng region, Tlhoriso Mofokeng says the resident is running away from the real issues concerning the school.

“We are very disappointed on the comments or sentiments that the gentleman is saying there, for reducing this issue, or trying to run away from the truth… that our fight is not about the skin colour, but it is about the language. And it is unfortunate that the gentleman also acknowledges that to them it’s about race, it is not about the language. But if it is not about the language, why do they refuse or deny English learners to access the school,” said Mofokeng.


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