Media kicked out of Enock Mpianzi forensic report briefing

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The media have been asked to leave a briefing by Gauteng Education MEC Panyaza Lesufi regarding the forensic report into the death of Park Town Boys learner Enock Mpianzi.

The 13-year-old drowned during a Grade 8 school camp at the Nyati Bush and River Break Lodge on the first day of school in January.

Lesufi was forced to comply with parents at the school who unanimously voted that the media be removed at the hall. It remains packed with parents of learners at the school, some of which claim the media has had inaccurate portrayals of what has happened at the school.

“As I said, we live in a democratic society where majority rules and there is a majority view that the media should be allowed to be outside so that this meeting can proceed. I want to concur with that view, but in doing so, we need to apologise to members of the media because they were invited here.”

In the video below Gauteng Education MEC Panyaza Lesufi says the department wants to be transparent on the issue of the report: 

Last month the Department had postponed the release of the report, citing that they didn’t have the family’s blessing at the time. A private firm was hired to investigate the matter.


Lesufi received the report in February. The investigation looked into aspects such as the roll call of learners during school camps, the safety and care of learners as well as allegations that Mpianzi was not issued with a life jacket during the water activity.

There have been delays in the release of the report. In February, the release was postponed after the Mpianzi family did not give the Department the go-ahead for its release.

However, Lesufi says preliminary findings suggest that there was wrongdoing on the part of those that had been given the mandate to take care of the children.

The MEC appointed a private firm to investigate the incident after public outrage over Mpianzi’s death two months ago. He has shared the findings with the Mpianzi family after receiving it in February and is also expected to hand it over to the provincial government, teacher unions, pupils at the school and the public.

The school’s principal has since been suspended.

Gauteng Education Spokesperson Steve Mabona apologises to the media: