Media expert says finalising SABC editorial policies are imperative

SABC Board
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Media expert and academic Jane Duncan says one of the most important tasks which the SABC Board needs to undertake, is to finalise the editorial policies.

Duncan says this will give a clear strategic direction with regards to the SABC’s priorities and a distinction between editorial and management responsibilities.

The fully functional SABC Board is yet to hold its first meeting after eight candidates were appointed by President Cyril Ramaphosa to fill vacancies on the Board last week.

Duncan says the SABC editorial policy needs an urgent revision.

“As the editorial policy needs to be revised it needs to be made absolutely clear that members of SABC management should not become involved in editorial decision making. So, in other words, there needs to be a clear separation of editorial responsibilities and management responsibilities. It is absolutely not healthy for senior executives to be taking touch editorial decisions through the process of upward referral. I think that – that’s something that urgently needs to be revised as the new editorial policy is finalised.”

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