Limpopo Health MEC, Dr Phophi Ramathuba, has discouraged large gatherings, including family events, over the festive period.

This comes after a family of 14 tested positives for COVID-19 after one asymptomatic family member returned from Gauteng.

The relatives, which the MEC had initially thought were 15, are currently isolating at home.

“All those 14 are under strict isolation, we are supporting them through our response team through our community health care workers we are monitoring the currently their symptoms are manageable. There were three who were having a bit mild to serious symptoms but none of them warrant admission after they were reviewed what we are doing we are closely monitoring them and what is good is that they are also assisting us in monitoring each other.”

Ramathuba says most of the family members that have been traced, share similar addresses.

“After the case broke yesterday it is not only that particular family because now some of our district managers were sharing with us some of the other cases with other families which is something that is common now during this period, when we get results we started to see people sharing addresses some sharing surnames.”

Some young people, who have attended parties in Polokwane, say they are finding it difficult to adhere to the rules, including the 11 pm curfew.

They say the pandemic is interrupting their groove. “Because you see now it is 10 o’clock we have to go home and we are not used to that vibe, we still need our groove we are messed up because of the curfew we can party we can party until 12.”

Coronavirus infections have increased in the province, with the latest figures at 413, from 679 the previous day.

Dr Ramathuba has repeated her call – that people travelling to other provinces must at least self-isolate for seven days or take a COVID-19 test before travelling.

Her call comes as healthcare workers call for a return to level 2 lockdown as they are taking strain amid the country’s second wave of infections. Cases nationally are now nearing the million mark at 994 911.

Limpopo Health Department to strengthen its coronavirus screening services: