MDC to contest Zimbabwe elections

Zimbabwe will hold its first post-Robert Mugabe elections with 23 candidates vying for the presidency.
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Zimbabwe’s opposition leader Nelson Chamisa has warned that Zimbabwe’s election is set to be fraudulent, but he says his MDC alliance will still take part.

Chamisa and the MDC had threatened to boycott next Monday’s poll over alleged bias on the part of the Zimbabwe Election Commission.

Speaking at a media briefing earlier, MDC leader Nelson Chamisa still believes the election commission is biased, but he says the MDC will still win the elections.

“Contrary to the perception that we are going to boycott the election, we can’t boycott our victory. Winners don’t boycott. We are the winners in this election. If anything we have also realised that it’s an imagination by Zanu-PF to try and get us into a position of despondence and start causing anarchy so that the election is avoided.

“We know that it is in the nature of Zanu-PF to cheat and to also undermine the will of the people. But we are saying to the people of Zimbabwe, come in your numbers to shame the detractors,” Chamisa explained.

AU urges MDC to take part in election

The African Union’s Election Observer Mission in Zimbabwe has called on opposition party MDC Alliance to contest next week’s elections.

Mission head and former Ethiopian Prime Minister Hailemariam Desalegne was briefing the media in Harare Wednesday morning.

He says their role is to observe and to be objective as possible.

Zimbabweans go to the poll on Monday without former President Robert Mugabe on the ballot since 1980.

The AU’s Election Observer Mission believes that it would be best if all registered and qualified presidential contenders participate in the ballot and let the people of Zimbabwe decide.

It says their role will be to observe impartially the voting and not to determine what the results will be.

Meanwhile MDC Alliance leader Nelson Chamisa is set to hold a press briefing on Wednesday.

He is expected to clarify his position on contesting the polls.

He has been vocal during campaigning about his dissatisfaction with several aspects of the voting process including the line up on the ballot paper.

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