Use of live ammunition by soldiers in Zimbabwe unjustified: Report

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The use of live ammunition by soldiers in Zimbabwe after its elections was unjustified. That’s what emerged from the Motlanthe commission report that investigated post-electoral violence in Zimbabwe.

The report also recommended that victims should be compensated. It however notes that the deployment of troops was justified but that the operational framework was not followed.

Former President Kgalema Motlanthe’s Commission of Inquiry into the post-election violence in Zimbabwe has blamed the opposition Movement For Democratic Change (MDC) for the chaos that broke out a day after the country’s national elections earlier this year.

The report also found that the army’s use of live ammunition was unjustified.

Six people were killed and 35 others injured after soldiers opened fire on protesters awaiting the election results on 1 August.

The attack prompted Zimbabwe’s President Emmerson Mnangangwa to appoint a commission of inquiry. It was headed by former SA President Kgalema Motlanthe.

The commission gathered evidence from the victims, alleged perpetrators and all stake holders.

Today President Mnangagwa released the report, saying that deployment of troops justified but operational framework was not followed. The use of live ammunition was not justified.

A huge task lies ahead as Mnangagwa is expected to implement the recommendations of the commission.

Transcript saying the protesters did not handle protest well and victim be compensated. A move that’s likely to divide or unite the country.

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